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Have you heard about the Portable Toshiba Viamo Ultrasound Machine?

Posted by Jeanette Ashby on Wed, May 15, 2013 @ 13:05 PM

The Toshiba Viamo combines all the advantages of a portable ultrasound system with the diagnostic precision, productivity and comfort of a premium cart-based machine. It shares its core imaging engine and transducer technology with the Toshiba Aplio™ series, and offers uncompromized image quality and clinical workflow support in situations where unlimited portability is required.

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New Fly Thru Ultrasound Technology from Toshiba Makes the Diagnosis

Posted by Leslie Patton on Fri, Sep 7, 2012 @ 09:09 AM
Fly Thru Technology from Toshiba is innovative and forward-thinking, combining other imaging technologies found on larger and more expensive modalities.   According to a press release from Toshiba America, it is described as follows:


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Which Portable Ultrasound Machine is Right for You?

Posted by Leslie Patton on Fri, Sep 7, 2012 @ 09:09 AM

Compact ultrasound, portable ultrasound machine, hand-held ultrasound system….. regardless of which name you use, the general category is still the same: small, laptop-sized ultrasound machine that, in most models, packs as much punch as its cart-based brothers. According to our guru in the ultrasound industry, Harvey Klein, portable ultrasound machines are defined as “compact ultrasound systems…..weighing 14 pounds or less, including handheld, hand-carried, and laptop machines.” Others don’t put the weight specification as a defining characteristic, but instead think of it as moveable between locations.

The main selling point being that as point-of care demands increase, the portable ultrasound machines can easily be used in the Emergency Department, small physician practice or sports medicine clinic, wherever imaging needs to be brought to the patient, avoiding the need for the patient to be moved. But the question is, which machine is right for you?

Some physicians still believe that a full-sized 100 pound ultrasound machine is the only device that will yield the imaging results required to make a diagnosis. In many cases that’s just not true. Yes, 3D/4D technology requires more processing power that 2D imaging, and there are certain features that still can only be found on the cart-based ultrasound system. However, for many diagnostic imaging needs the portable ultrasound machine is the perfect solution – with its ease of use, comparable image quality, needle guided software, and affordable pricing.

At United Medial Instruments, Inc. we offer both new and used portable ultrasound machines. A quick breakdown follows:

GE Logiq e

A 10-pound, fully shared service, easy to use machine with the following stand-out features:
    • Panoramic Imaging
    • Split Screen – show two images side by side while live scanning
    • 3D imaging
    • Needle Visualization

Siemens Acuson P300

A 26-pound, workhorse portable ultrasound machine for a variety of clinical markets including: OB/GYN, Cardiovascular, general imaging and musculoskeletal ultrasound. Stand-out features are:
    • Panoramic imaging
    • Speckle reduction and compounding
    • Intra-operative and laprascopic transducers for interventional procedures, including an exceptional 18MHZ high frequency probe

Toshiba Viamo

An 18-pound laptop ultrasound machine that shines in all clinical markets from Cardiovascular to OB/GYN to Musculoskeletal. Stand-out features are:
    • Advanced Dynamic Flow – allows for directional color Doppler – see low flow every time
    • Application-specific calculations
    • Flexible modes with either tablet and touch-screen or keyboard

What are you waiting for?! Contact us today to schedule your FREE online virtual demo of one of these new compact ultrasound machines, visit our website to learn more, http://www.umiultrasound.com/  or give us a call, 877.490.7036.
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American College of Cardiology Guidelines for Vascular Ultrasound

Posted by Leslie Patton on Mon, Jun 18, 2012 @ 10:06 AM

Guidelines Established by American College of Cardiology for Appropriate Use of Ultrasound for Peripheral Vascular Testing

As reimbursement cuts continue to be made, determining if and when a diagnostic test is necessary is becoming more prevalent. The American College of Cardiology (ACC) collaborated with 10 other medical organizations to develop a set of guidelines to assist clinicians with their decision making process for diagnostic testing. The group focused on determining testing appropriateness for vascular ultrasound and functional testing for patients with suspected or known non-coronary arterial disorders.

Ultrasound is a cost-effective diagnostic tool that provides information to physicians needing to evaluate vascular blockages and disease in areas such as arteries of the neck, kidneys, abdomen, and lower extremities. In addition to be used as a screening measure, ultrasound is also used for determining the status post peripheral vascular procedures, such as arterial bypass, surgical removal of plaque (endarterectomy), or stenting.

The team used a rating scale coupled with timeframe intervals. According to the press release "The group found arterial vascular testing to be "appropriate" in about half of the clinical situations evaluated. Overall, vascular studies were deemed appropriate when clinical signs and symptoms were the main reason for testing. For example, Dr. Mohler explains it is reasonable to order a lower extremity vascular study for a patient who reports calf pain upon walking that resolves with rest. Tests that were conducted in patients with existing atherosclerotic disease or to establish a "baseline" after a revascularization procedure were also considered appropriate based on ratings."

The panel also looked at areas where testing would not be useful and found that one in five uses of vascular testing were deemed to be "inappropriate". Some examples are:

    • Ordering an ultrasound of the carotids or neck arteries in someone at low risk for heart attack or stroke.
    • Screening for kidney artery disease in someone with peripheral artery disease with well controlled high blood pressure (hypertension) on one medication
    • Choosing to perform an abdominal ultrasound in a patient with non-specific lower extremity discomfort
    • Ordering a mesenteric artery ultrasound (arteries that supply the small and large intestines) as an initial test to evaluate the patient with chronic constipation or diarrhea
    • Having current ultrasound technology in a clinician's facility is essential for careful diagnosis. To learn more about our recommended Toshiba Viamo portable ultrasound machine for vascular procedures, click here.
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Buying New or Used Ultrasound Machine? Demo Before you Buy!

Posted by Leslie Patton on Thu, May 24, 2012 @ 16:05 PM

As physicians struggle with the need to diversify patient services while managing their cash flow, one company has implemented an innovative program to help customers demo ultrasound equipment, online, before committing to a major purchase – a program which has increased customer satisfaction by ensuring the ultrasound machine meets their needs.  Providing customers with ultrasound system demonstrations is not a new concept, all the large manufacturers like Siemens, Toshiba, and SonoSite typically go on-site to customer offices’ or hospital departments to demonstrate the equipment prior to purchase. Demoing a system is a great opportunity for customers to engage with a clinical person to ensure the ultrasound machine is going to meet their expectations: See image quality, verify software features for their clinical exams, and ask questions to a clinical expert. In these economic times, a private physician cannot risk spending thousands of dollars on capital equipment and have it not meet his or her needs.


United Medical Instruments, Inc. is a multi-vendor ultrasound reseller, selling both new and used ultrasound equipment, and now they offer its customers a new program to evaluate systems prior to purchase. It’s called UMI Interactive™ and it’s the first program of its kind where physicians and sonographers can evaluate ultrasound equipment prior to purchase.

Purchasing new or used ultrasound machines from a reputable ultrasound reseller is a good solution for those working with a budget. But on the flip side, there isn’t enough money built into these transactions to allow for onsite ultrasound system demonstrations. But with the UMI Interactive™, customers have the ability to schedule a convenient demo time and work directly with one of the registered staff sonographers to participate in live scanning and verify the system features and image quality meet their requirements.

To learn more about this program and schedule an online demo, click here. Explore United Medical Instruments, Inc. by visiting their website.

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Portable Ultrasound Machines Feature Needle Guidance Software

Posted by Leslie Patton on Wed, Jul 6, 2011 @ 14:07 PM

For years patients have suffered from a variety of pain-type complaints from back pain or knee pain to carpal tunnel syndrome. Advances in medicine and portable ultrasound machines are providing relief for these patients by utilizing ultrasound for needle guided injections. For example, the AC joint at the top of the shoulder is difficult to locate due to its small size and variable anatomy. A 2006 study showed a 60% failure rate for these joint injections, Bisbinas I, et al. Accuracy of needle placement in ACJ injections. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2006 Aug;14(8):762-5.

However, portable ultrasound machines such as the SonoSite M-Turbo or Toshiba Viamo are easy to use and feature a needle visualization software that “lights up” as the needle penetrates the skin and moves toward the area of interest. Clinicians using this technology vary from orthopedic surgeons to rheumatologists to osteopaths. Osteopathic medicine in particular is primed to embrace this technology as their practice is centered around the musculoskeletal system and joint injections have been part of patient therapy. Utilizing prolotherapy for treatment they are now able to incorporate ultrasound to capture a pre and post image of the joint, tendon or ligament, as well as improve their accuracy in joint injections.

In 2010, a group of rheumatologists conducted a study, led by Wilmer Sibbitt, Jr., M.D from University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, which found that there was a 107% increase in patient response rate when utilizing ultrasound for needle guided injections compared to joint injections given by palpation only. In addition, “study results showed the ultrasound method led to a 14.6% (US$48) reduction in cost per participant per year and a 58.8% ($593) reduction in the cost per hospital-outpatient participant who responded to the treatment.”

Physicians describe the preferred ultrasound system to be portable, have high resolution imaging, a high frequency transducer, and be non-cumbersome since they are typically holding the probe with one hand and injecting with the other.

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