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How to Justify the Cost of Ultrasound Machine Purchase

Posted by Leslie Patton on Fri, Dec 14, 2012 @ 11:12 AM
New and Used Ultrasound Systems and MachinesAdvances in ultrasound machines have expanded in the years to now rival image quality of more expensive imaging modalities such as MRI and CT, yet at the fraction of the price and yielding real time results for improved patient care.

With a growing aged population and pressure to provide improved patient services, in-office diagnostic ultrasound exams continue to grow.  From portable ultrasound machines to cart-based, and with a price range for every budget - whether a new or refurbished ultrasound machine, if you're looking to improve patient care, it's time to investigate your options.  The clinical applications are vast, enabling physicians to grow their practices.  Some of the popular areas for ultrasound are:
Below are some basic tips to justifying the cost of an ultrasound machine purchase for your practice:


  1. Determine final purchase price of equipment: machine, software and hardware, transducers, freight and tax
  2. Consult the CPT Codes for ultrasound exams for your area, or click here for a basic chart
  3. Estimate increase in gross annual revenue
  4. Calculate reimbursements or disallowments, figure the net annual revenue
  5. Estimate increase in operating costs: additional staff, service contract, radiologist for readings
  6. Deduct the increased total annual operating expenses from the estimated increased net revenue
  7. Estimate time to of payback for investment: calculate by dividing the previously estimated total cost of investment by the net average annual income in years

Ready to start evaluating ultrasound machines?  Use our matrix!

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