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EMR Integration with uSmart Ultrasound Tablet

Posted by Jeanette Ashby on Wed, Jan 15, 2014 @ 14:01 PM

Healthcare providers all across the nation are shifting to modern Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, and, if you have been researching your options you have discovered that there are wide variety of systems to choose from.

So, where do you start?  Why not narrow your search by selecting an EMR that focuses on your specialty.  

Electronic Medical Records withVeinSpecVeinSpec electronic medical record system is an intuitive application designed especially for Vein Care (Phlebology), Vascular or General Surgery practices to streamline daily workflow by eliminating cumbersome paper charts and efficiently storing and maintaining your medical charts, images, diagnosis, and prescription data.

Have you put together a list of questions you would like an EMR to answer?  I did just that. In a recent interview with Kevin Park, the CTO at VeinSpec, we discussed the top 10 things you should know about selecting VeinSpec EMR. 

Q: What specific requirements does your software require to integrate with our systems?
A: Images can be stored in any file format (PDF, JPEG, AVI), however we do supply a PACS. Since we are a web based the only thing that is required is a web browser.

Q: Does your software integrate with files saved in DICOM format?
A: Our software is DICOM compliant.

Q: Can your software interface with a customer’s existing practice management system or other medical imaging devices?
A: VeinSpec is a full PMS.

Q: Who provides support if there is a problem with the integration interface?
A: We have 24/7 support via the web.

Q: How will current data be integrated into your system? Do you offer data conversion services?
A: VeinSpec Techs migrate current data from other systems.

Q: Do you allow potential customers a way to test drive your software?
A: As far as test drives we can allow users access into our demo system.

Q: Do you set up the system?
A: We control all system set up as we have our own source code.

Q: Who has access to the data in the system?
A: Anyone who has a user name and password can have access to the EMR.

Q: What happens if the system fails?
A: System failure is covered by a RAID array as well as daily backup.

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?
A: We give a three year warranty, however we rotate the servers every three years.

Keeping all of the above the above in mind, the Terason uSmart and t3200 ultrasound systems have the capability of using an export feature that can be configured / mapped from the ultrasound systems pc to a shared folder on the company network.  The information is then easily uploaded to the EMR from that network folder.  

My last question is to you, wouldn’t it be nice to use an ultrasound system that provides incredible image resolution, customizable reports, and easily integrates with any EMR?

If you are looking for just this sort of system, you need to see the uSmart 3200T ultrasound tablet.

Interested in the uSmart or t3200 with easy to integrate to EMR features,  

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