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New, Used, Refurbished Ultrasound Equipment; Which is Right for You?

Posted by Leslie Patton on Tue, Feb 14, 2012 @ 12:02 PM

Adding ultrasound to your practice not only helps improve patient services by allowing you to keep control over the care your patients receive, but it also creates an additional source of revenue. For a private physician considering an ultrasound system purchase selecting the right system can be a challenge. Hospitals typically have funds allocated for capital equipment purchases or have group buying power through contracts established with pre-negotiated and discounted prices. What about the private physician making a solo or partner-driven ultrasound purchase? During a time when there is a question of budget vs. quality, how do you choose? Do you pay new system prices, or, take a risk and purchase a used ultrasound system?

Let's look at new ultrasound equipment first. Just like buying a new car, buying new ultrasound equipment at first looks lucrative: nobody has used it, the probes and elements are all functioning, and it comes with a warranty. However, just like a brand new car depreciates the minute you drive it off the lot, so does the ultrasound system. Can you imagine needing to resell or trade-in that brand new ultrasound system within a month to find that it depreciated by 20%

Second, is the topic of used ultrasound equipment. Used ultrasound is defined as buying from a website like EBay or from an unknown reseller because what is being sold is cheap and fits into your budget. This is the ultimate scenario of Buyer Beware. When buying from an unknown entity you do not know if the equipment has the software features enabled that you need for your exams, you don't know if the ultrasound transducers have dead elements, which compromises image quality and jeopardizes care for your patients, and it doesn't come with a warranty. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Third, is the great compromise of being on a budget and having quality ultrasound equipment. How? When you purchase refurbished ultrasound equipment from a quality ultrasound reseller you can be assured that the equipment you buy has gone through an extensive OEM and ACR recommended inspection process. The ultrasound machine and attached probes are checked in, tested repeatedly for functioning boards, heating capacity, etc. In addition, all repairs, if needed, are made to manufacturer specifications. The ultrasound system then leaves the facility with a warranty in place to provide peace of mind to the customer

To learn more about the inspection guideline requirement enforced by the American College of Radiology visit our blog Ultrasound Equipment Maintenance is Mandatory for Accreditation

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