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Educational Resource for MSK Ultrasound

Posted by Leslie Patton on Fri, Jul 20, 2012 @ 12:07 PM

London company announces educational tool to assist healthcare professionals with learning and understanding anatomy when performing musculoskeletal ultrasound related procedures. The company, Primal Pictures, launched an online and DVD educational resource called 3D Anatomy for MSK Ultrasound: Lower Limb.

According to the report by "Medical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Ultrasound Devices Market (2012 - 2017) - Global Trends & Competitive Analysis", the portable ultrasound system market and MSK clinical market are both growing quickly as this modality becomes more affordable and patients are realizing results from joint injections.

Here is a snippet off the press release from Primal Pictures:

Primal Pictures Educational ToolPrimal Pictures has launched 3D Anatomy for MSK Ultrasound: Lower Limb. This online and DVD resource provides medical practitioners with images and content to aid in the interpretation of ultrasound imaging used to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions of the hip, knee and foot. It is also used as a learning tool for faculty and students in ultrasound and radiology technology programs. Developed to support the rapidly growing use of MSK ultrasound, it is the latest tool from the award-winning publishers of the most complete and medically accurate 3D model of human anatomy.

"More and more practitioners are using ultrasound imaging to help diagnose musculoskeletal problems, and told us they wanted a tool that offers them visual guidance, clinical support and patient education," said Peter Allan, Managing Director of Primal Pictures.

To read more about this product, visit their website! www.primalpictures.comTo learn more about the MSK ultrasound machines we carry at United Medical Instruments, visit MSK Ultrasound.

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